Welcome to the Little Brown Church! What to Expect

Are you handicap accessible?
Yes, we have parking on the north side of the building that includes a walk-up ramp into the building.

Do you have a dress code?
There is no dress code. Some members wear suits, others wear jeans and t-shirts. Both are totally acceptable.

Can my child stay in church with me during worship? 
Absolutely. We understand kids have different comfort levels as do parents when they are checking out new places. Children are welcome in worship! If they become fussy, or need to use the bathroom, feel free to exit and re-enter the sanctuary as needed–even if it’s in the middle of the sermon. Our Pastor has, he gets it!

Who is allowed to take communion in your Church?
We practice open table which means all are welcome.

Do you have communion every Sunday?
Communion takes place the first Sunday of each month.

Does your church have a “say hello to your neighbor” during the service?
Yes, near the beginning of the service we have a meet and greet time and everyone tries to acknowledge those around them. We will want to have you stand and introduce yourselves. Additionally, we will acknowledge birthdays and anniversaries at that time as well.

Do people in your church say hello to “new” people?
Absolutely! We welcome everyone!

Do you have a community coffee after the service?
Yes…and we encourage you to join us!