Weddings in a historic country church
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Highway 346 Nashua, Iowa Just north of Waterloo Iowa and three miles from the Avenue of the Saints Highway (27/218), Exit 220 at Nashua. Click here for map.

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We offer opportunities for touring The Little Brown Church to both individual groups and Motor Coach Tours. The pastor enjoys giving tours of the church building and sharing some of the unique history of the Church. Visit our Tours page for more information.

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The church is open 7 days a week from dawn to dusk.
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The first thing you should know is that the Little Brown Church is actually a church, we are not a wedding chapel. A wedding at our church is considered a spiritual service performed by our pastor and will be set within the context of the Christian faith.

There will be no same sex marriages at The Little Brown Church in the Vale.  We are an old country Church and prefer to remain as such.  Please understand that we harbor no malice toward, nor wish harm upon anyone.  The message we are receiving from the gay community is that we should accept them for whom they are.  We would appreciate the same courtesy being extended to us.

All wedding ceremonies are approximately 15-20 minutes in length with slight variations in length due to the uniqueness of the Pastor’s words of encouragement, the number of people in the wedding party or the inclusion of one or two solo(s). 

We require weddings with 50 people or more in attendance to reserve the church for at least one hour to ensure there will be an adequate amount of time for guests to be seated and to allow time for the possibility of additional photographs.  If you would like to have more than one hour for your service or photographs, you would need to contact the church office for availability.

If you are looking for a specific date or time that is not listed on our website, you would need to contact the church office directly to see if other arrangements could be mad​e.

​After registering for a date and time on our website and paying your deposit you will receive an email confirmation from the church secretary.  PLEASE NOTE: The deposit is non-refundable.  If you need to cancel and would like to reschedule your date, the deposit will be held on file for one year from the original date of deposit. 

All marriages performed at The Little Brown Church in the Vale are required to have a valid State of Iowa Marriage License.  You can obtain an Iowa Marriage License from any county in the state of Iowa.  If you are out of state, you can contact either the Chickasaw County Recorder at 641-394-2336 (New Hampton, Iowa) or the Floyd County Recorder at 641-257-6154 (Charles City, Iowa) to request an application be sent to you. You can obtain the Iowa Marriage License application online at  If you are applying for a license in person at the courthouse, the bride, groom, and 1 witness over the age of 18 need to be present.  There is a 3 day waiting period before a license can either be mailed to you or be picked up at the courthouse.  The Iowa Marriage License expires 6 months after the date of application.  If it is not used during the 6 month time period, you will need to reapply for a license.

On the day of the wedding couples must report to the church office at least a half hour before your service time, unless instructed otherwise, with your witnesses.  The office is located across the highway from the church.  The secretary will greet you upon arriving and give you instructions on the paperwork, have the witnesses sign in the office, and take care of the balance on the account BEFORE sending you downstairs to the dressing room area.  We do ask that all payments on the day of the wedding be made in cash, money order or by credit card.  Make sure that you have all documentation that was given or sent to you from the courthouse. 

The dressing rooms are located in the basement of the church office.  The dressing room area is currently NOT handicap accessible.  If a handicap dressing room is needed, please contact the office and we will try to make other arrangements.  If using the dressing rooms, all clothing and personal items must be removed BEFORE going to the church for your service as they may be occupied by the next wedding party.

Time schedules MUST be honored by all parties as we do have weddings scheduled back to back on many days.

The church is air conditioned and handicap accessible. 

The church asks that you NOT use alcoholic beverages anywhere on the church grounds, in the church, or in the office and dressing room area. PLEASE NOTE: The minister reserves the right to postpone or refuse to hold your wedding service if a bride or groom are CLEARLY under the influence of a controlled substance.

The church does NOT allow outside musicians to sing or play at wedding services.  The church does NOT allow music CD’s or cassette tapes to be used for wedding services.  If you would like to have music during your service, you would need to use our organist and/or soloist. 

The church does NOT allow couples to bring their own minister for the service.  It is stated in the bylaws of our church constitution that only the minister of record for the church can perform wedding services.

Receptions can be held in the church basement and will be hosted by the Women’s Fellowship organization.  The basement seats 70 people comfortably.  Basement rental is a flat fee of $75 and is non-refundable plus a per person cost along with the cost of food.  If you are interested in having a reception, please contact the office for availability, to have a form sent to you and/or for more information.

Photography and video taping are allowed during the wedding service.  You may bring your own photographer or you may use the church photographer, Sara Scobee. Contact her at

Sanctuary reserved for 1/2 hour with 0 to 20 guests and 4 attendants in the wedding party plus the bride and groom.  $175.00 (deposit of $85) 

Sanctuary reserved for 1/2 hour with 21 to 49 guests and 4 attendants in the wedding party plus the bride and groom.  $195.00 (deposit of $95)

Sanctuary reserved for 1 hour with a maximum of 125 guests and 6 attendants in the wedding party plus the bride and groom.  $315.00 (deposit of $155)

Sanctuary reserved for 2 hour’s with a maximum of 125 guests and 6 attendants in the wedding party plus the bride and groom.  $600.00 (deposit of $300)

Sanctuary reserved for 3 hour’s with a maximum of 125 guests and 6 attendants in the wedding party plus the bride and groom.  $900 (deposit of $450)

PLEASE NOTE: Remember this is The “Little” Brown Church in the Vale and there is simply not enough room in the front or the back of the church to have more than 8 people in the wedding party.

The service price includes the pastor’s services, the assistance of a wedding hostess, dressing rooms for the wedding party, the ringing of the church bell for the couple after the service, and the forwarding of your marriage license to the appropriate courthouse.

The father of the bride is not considered a part of the wedding party.  If you would like to have a flower girl and ring bearer we ask that you have them walk up the aisle then sit with a family member during the service.  Therefore the flower girl and ring bearer would not be counted in the wedding party.

The cost to have an organist play at your service is $25.00.  The organist will play for the duration of the ceremony and accompany the soloist if needed.  The cost to have both the organist and soloist is $50.00.If you are having a half an hour service the soloist will sing one song.  If you are having the hour service the soloist will sing one or two songs.  It is not required to have both the organist and soloist.  If you choose to have no organist and/or soloist, the service will be silent. 

The rose and vase unity service charge is $10.00.  A rose is used along with a glass vase which is given to the bride and groom after the service.  The service is performed at the end of the wedding service and is similar to a unity candle service.  The unity candle service is NOT used at the church due to the fact that the church is over 150 years old and is an historical site.

If you do not have the 2 witnesses required by the state over the age of 18 that you can bring with you for your service, the church can provide them for you at a cost of $10.00 each.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the church office.