Weddings & Vow Renewals

Make plans to capture your moments! Thank you for considering The Little Brown Church for your wedding ceremony.  Our hope is that we will be able to make your special day…even more special!!. The following page contains information that we hope will be helpful to you as you consider our church for your wedding venue.  We would ask you to carefully read the information on this page before completing the booking form on the website.   We hope that you will join the more than 75,000 couples who have been married in this beautiful, historic church over the last 150 years.

A Christian Service

We are an active Christian Church and congregation.  Your wedding at our church will be performed by our Pastor and will be set within the context of the Christian Faith.   All wedding ceremonies are approximately 15-20 minutes in length with slight variations in length due to the uniqueness of the Pastor’s words of encouragement, the number of people in the wedding party or the inclusion of  a solo, personal vows, salt/sand ceremony etc.

How Many People Can We Accommodate?

Well, we are The LITTLE Brown Church!   We can only accommodate a maximum of 125 people in our sanctuary.   Due to limitations of space at the front of the church we are only able to have eight members in the wedding party standing with the pastor.  This would normally be the bride & groom plus three bridesmaids and three groomsmen.   Other members of the wedding party can walk the aisle ahead of the bride but would need to be seated in the front side pews as soon as they reach the front of the church – and before the bride walks down the aisle.   Again, because of space limitations, the front center pew is left unused.  Immediate family members (moms and dads etc.) can be seated from the second center pew.

Just So You Know

*YES Dressing rooms are available

*YES The Church is air conditioned

*YES Both the Church and Fellowship hall (basement) are handicap accessible

*YES Receptions may be held in our Fellowship hall

Marriage License
The following website contains the laws of marriage in the State of Iowa  Click here for details
you will
need to provide a valid marriage license when you check in with at our church office the day of your wedding.  You can obtain an Iowa Marriage License from any county in the state of Iowa.  There is a 3 day waiting period before a license can either be mailed to you or be picked up at the courthouse.  The Iowa Marriage License does not expire unless it is not retrieved from the county registrar within six months of application.

Length of Wedding, Fees & Deposit: 

30 Minute Wedding – Up to 50 guests         $225 (deposit of $115)

The thirty minute wedding service includes the standard wedding ceremony plus the addition of one special song.  Due to the limitation of time, any additional post-ceremony photography would have to take place on the church grounds as there may be another wedding immediately following yours.

60 Minute Wedding – Up to 125 guests       $355 (deposit of $175)

We require weddings with 50 people or more in attendance to reserve the church for at least one hour to ensure there will be an adequate amount of time for guests to be seated and to allow time for the possibility of additional photographs inside the church. The sixty minute wedding would allow for a slightly longer wedding ceremony, up to 2 special songs, salt or sand ceremony, and the addition of personalized vows (if requested).

120 Minute Wedding – Up to 125 guests     $600 (deposit of $300)

The two hour wedding contains all the elements of the sixty minute wedding but allows additional time for photographs etc.

NOTE:   The service price includes the pastor’s services, the assistance of a wedding hostess, dressing rooms for the wedding party, wedding decorations inside and outside of the church, the ringing of the church bell for the couple after the service, and the forwarding of your marriage license to the appropriate courthouse.    Additional services are available as per our Wedding policy.

If you would like to have more than one hour for your service or photographs, you would need to contact the church office for availability.

If you are looking for a specific date or time that is not listed on our website, please contact the church office.

After registering for a date and time on our website and paying your deposit you will receive an email confirmation. PLEASE NOTE: The deposit is non-refundable.  If you need to cancel and would like to reschedule your date, the deposit will be held on file for one year from the original date of deposit.

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Vow Renewals: There is no proof of marriage required or any legal documentation that needs to be obtained.  The sanctuary is reserved for 1/2 an hour with the actual service lasting 12-15 minutes with slight variations in length due to the uniqueness of the Pastor’s words of encouragement, the number of people in the renewal party or the inclusion of one solo. The remaining time can be used for photography.

Sanctuary reserved for 1/2 hour Monday through Friday for up to 50 guests – $125.00 (deposit $62.50)

Sanctuary reserved for 1/2 hour on Saturday for up to 50 guests – $175.00 (deposit $87.50).

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Additional Services

Witnesses:  $10 Each unless you provide as part of your wedding party

Special Ceremonies: $10
If you have something other than what is listed on the registration form  please email the office your request 2 weeks in advance   –

If you would like to have music during your service, you would be required to use our organist and/or soloists. A list of our standard offerings will be provided should you choose this option. Special music will need to be approved by the Pastor 2 weeks in advance.  Please email the church office your request:

Organist:  $25

Soloist: $25

Receptions:  $75 Non-refundable Deposit

Receptions are held in the Fellowship Hall and hosted by the Women’s Fellowship organization.  The hall seats 70 people comfortably.  In addition to the hall rental there is a per person cost along with the cost of food.  If you are interested in having a reception, please indicate your desire on the registration form.  We are an alcohol free campus.

Wedding Hostess:
We provide an assistant who will work with you on the day of your wedding to help coordinate the wedding party.  This is included in your cost.

The Day of:

On the day of the wedding please arrive at the church office at least a half hour before your service time,  with your witnesses.  The office is located across the highway from the church.  This will allow you time to complete your paperwork, payments, and preparations.  Please make sure you have all the document that was given or sent to you from the courthouse.  Final payments are expected in cash.


**Each Couple determines when/where/how photographs are taken during their ceremony.  We just ask that you are mindful of the historic nature of the church and do not stand on the pews or move our antique furniture.**

If you have any additional questions, please contact the church office.