On Sunday, January 22, 2017, the members and friends of The Little Brown Church called Pastor John Granchie to become their new pastor.  He begins on April 1st.

Anticipation and excitement flows through our congregation.  We look forward to a new pastor leading us to the expansion of our growth as Christians.  As we travel the journey together and become to know each other well, we invite you to join us.

Our ministry involves our congregation’s service and faith, being a part of the local community, continuing our wedding ministry, and outreach to the many throughout the land that have touched our lives and the lives that we have touched.  All, both near and far, are forever in our hearts in Christian Love.

Our new pastor-to-be, John Granchie and his wife Deb hold these same views.  They anxiously are waiting to becoming part of this congregation, the community and beyond.  Pastor John has served in different capacities in a number of churches.  They are coming from a rural church in Iowa, so they do enjoy being a part of a rural church family.  You can anticipate more information about John when he begins his call here at The Little Brown Church in the Vale.