Interim Minister



Pastor Drew McHolm arrived at The Little Brown Church in August 2018.  He is serving as interim pastor while Pastor John Granchie is on sabbatical.   Drew was born in Glasgow, Scotland and moved to the United States in 1988 to attend seminary where he earned two Master’s degrees. Drew has pastored churches in Scotland, Florida and Texas over a period of 30 years and has taught in Bible Colleges, Church Leadership Conferences and churches in the U.S., Mexico, Russia, and Africa.  Drew served as president of Christ’s Church Fellowship – a fellowship of pastors and churches throughout the U.S and abroad.   In addition to his pastoral ministry, Drew has worked in the corporate world as an independent business owner and as a corporate manager.  He is a certified mediator and has been heavily involved in life and business coaching as well as pastoral counseling.   Drew’s wife, Jesse, was born and raised in Cedar Falls, IA, and is Senior Corporate Account Manager for Foreo, Inc – an international health and beauty company.  Drew and Jesse are both accomplished singers / musicians and have performed in the US, UK and in the US Virgin Islands.